A selection of islamic and non-islamic learning aids at Tarbiyah Books Plus, the leading Islamic bookshop in Abuja, Nigeria

  • Learn to Read the Holy Qur’an in 7 Days: A special course for busy people-by Alpha Mahmoud Bah

    If you are a student, an executive, a homemaker, or any busy person wanting to learn how to read the Qur’an, then this guidebook may just be what you need. You can use it to study by yourself or with an aid. Originating from actual training courses for new Muslims in Japan and developed over two decades, it organizes your work in 7 days.

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  • Al-Kafi Dictionary

    Dictionary Al Kafi Double English, Arabic & Arabic English By Learning Beruit

    Dictionary Al Kafi Double English, Arabic & Arabic English By Learning Beruit

    • Hardcover
    • Publisher: Learning Beruit (2010)
    • ASIN: B004TXS5AQ
    • Shipping Weight:1.36kg


    Al Kafi Double English-Arabic Arabic-English Pocket Dictionary is an easy dictionary from E-Learning with illustrations and 2 color text for easy recognition of word and definition. Over 10000 words and 600 pictures. Contains outline of the human body in Arabic & English as well as flags of the nations.

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  • The Never Ending Story: Lives of the Prophets - Adam to Issa (Volume 3)

    The Never Ending Story: Lives of the Prophets – Adam to Issa (Volume 3)

    By Sheykh Shady Al Suleiman

    This volume talk about the following:

    • Prophet Musa pt 4

    • Prophet Musa pt 5

    • Prophet Musa pt 6

    • After Prophet Musa

    • Prophet Ayoub & Yunus

    • Before Prophet Dawud

    • Prophet Dawud

    • Prophet Suleiman

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  • My First ABC Floor Puzzle

    My First ABC Floor Puzzle

    These bright and cheerful floor puzzles are perfect for young minds and little hands! The bright illustrations make learning simple words fun and the giant puzzle pieces are safe and durable for children aged 3 and up. Endearing illustrations and simple text with lots to observe on these giant floor puzzles. Very thick and sturdy board for small hands and repeat use. Packaged in a carry case so these floor puzzles can be taken everywhere and anywhere!

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  • I LOVE ARABIC: Arabic Numbers

    Description from the publisher:

    Arabic Numbers, the third book in the I Love Arabic series, introduces young learners to identifying, counting and writing Arabic numbers. This colourful book presents each number along with delightful illustrations, which the young learner has to identify, count, say aloud and then practice writing. Arabic Numbers is an exciting first book for young learners who want to master Arabic numbers. Arabic Numbers develops these skills: * Identifying numbers * Counting numbers * Writing numbers.

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  • Children’s Islamic Tablets & Learning Aids

    English Arabic Alphabet Kid Tablet Computer Learning Toys, Islamic Koran Toy, Learning Quran Machine for Children Islamic Toys

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