Eid-al-adha mubarak

Barka da sallah to you from all of us at Tarbiyah Books Plus. We wish you a joyous eid and we pray Allah accepts our ibadah and heals the world.

While you might not be able to undertake Hajj during these trying times, there are still many ways to reap the blessings of this month. So it is why on this joyous occasion, we are doing a limited sale so you can spread the deen, buy gifts for loved ones and grab a bargain.

So here is a list of recommendations.

Eid By Maria MiGo

This warm story follows two young siblings through the day of Eid, from the moment they sight the Eid moon until they fall asleep exhausted on the sofa. This wonderful book, with its vibrant and emotive illustrations, can be enjoyed by the family again and again.

Eid Mubarak – Islamic celebration Around The World – Islamic School Book

The book describes the two islamic celebrations, their background and major features of their observance. It shows what, when, why and how muslims celebrate on these two ocassions, and gives a sense of their inherent values.

The Scientific and Qur’anic Motivations for Halal Slaughter

ATTENTION, you who seek the truth!
Everything has a form and a reality and the form is nothing without the reality, outward appearances are false and misleading. Islam is a religion of facts. If it were not, it could never have conquered the whole world and controlled it solely by mercy and goodness for more than ten centuries.

Superstition and illusion would not have drawn people and it is a fact that Islamic expansion endures and persists because it is the truth. Each form has a reality, and the reality of pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over an animal about to be slaughtered is that it brings undeniable goodness and to neglect this practice is to commit an egregious evil.

Let us return to the correct way and the right path and always pronounce Al’lah’s Name over an animal about to be slaughtered.

This is far preferable to continuing to commit evil. So, when our Creator, who made animals subject to us, commanded us in His Book – the Holy Qur’an – to pronounce His Name over the animals He gifted us, these loving recommendations were intended only to protect our physical and spiritual well-being.

Minhaj Al-Muslim: A Book of Creed, Manners, Character, Acts of Worship and Other Deeds, Vol. 1 & 2

The Approach of the Muslim: A book outlining doctrins, ethics, morals, worships, and behaviors by Abou Bakr Jaber el-Jazaery

Getting the Best Out of Al-Hajj

This comprehensive Getting the Best Out of Al-Hajj book provides all aspects of Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage to Makkah). It is a useful guide both for people preparing to go to Hajj and those who want to learn about the specifics of Hajj practices.

Remembrance and Prayer: The Way of the Prophet Muhammad

An in-depth description of how the Prophet Muhammad used to remember Allah and pray to him. In this text, the intimate relationship with Allah which was the hallmark of the Prophetic life becomes clear and vivid.

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