Collection of Alokozay Premium Tea

Collections of Alokozay Premium Tea

The Collections of Alokozay Premium Tea offers a tempting selection of teas in the Premium Wooden Tea Boxes. Each box features a colorful assortment of herbal infusions, black teas and fruit teas.

Our exquisite teas are made with a unique blend of ingredients and all stashed away for your enjoyment in a beautifully crafted wooden-hinged box.

Great for gifts, special occasions or for your own enjoyment, our Premium Wooden Tea Boxes have individually packaged, colorful tea bags ready to be brewed.

Assorted hand-crafted teas picked specially for you by the tea connoisseurs at Alokozay.

Key of benefits of Alokozay Premium Tea

  • Hand plucking of tea leaves ensures optimal freshness
  • Alluring and refined with a hint of sharpness
  • Satisfyingly robust and invigorating
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Smooth and refreshing
  • Total 144 Tea bags

All your favourite flavours packed in a signature that makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. Be it the tanginess of our Orange Tea, the gentle flavour of bergamot lavender from our Earl Grey Tea, or the rich aroma and taste of our famous Black Tea, enjoy a luxury assortment of the best of Alokozay’s trademark teas.

Collection of Alokozay Premium Tea
Collection of Alokozay Premium Tea

Here are the Collections of Alokozay Premium Tea

  • Black Tea
  • Green tea
  • Strawberry Tea
  • Raspberry Tea
  • Orange Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Fennel
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Cardamom Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • Blackcurrant Tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Thyme
  • Lemon Tea
  • Black Tea with Thyme
  • Green Tea with Thyme
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Mint Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Green Tea
  • Camomile
  • Moroccan Tea
  • Ginger & Lemon Tea
  • Pomegranate Tea
  • Ginger, Lemon & Honey

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool and dry place, free from odours

144 Assorted Tea Bags

In Foil Wrapped Envelop


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