10 Recommended Islamic Books On Inheritance and Wills

5 Recommended Islamic Books On Inheritance and Wills

The Islamic Books on Inheritance and Wills, in Arabic, al wasiyah is a set of instructions that come into effect after a person’s death.  The will is acted upon after the payment of funeral expenses and any outstanding debts. 

When a believer dies it becomes incumbent on the family members to ensure that the wealth and property left behind are distributed according to Shariah Law prescribed in the Qur’an and Authentic Sunnah. After meeting the initial expenses incurred in giving the deceased an Islamic burial, and, after paying all of his debts and the “mahar” (dowry) that may still be due, to his wife, up to one-third of the remaining may be expended according to the deceased dying wishes or legal will that is left behind, for those who are NOT entitled by Shariah only.

Mirath means inheritance to be shared from the property of the deceased among his successors. The study of Mirath in shariah gives rules as to who inherits and who is to be inherited and what shares go to the heirs.The death of a person brings about transfer of most of his rights and obligations to persons who survive him and are called Wuratha that is heirs and representatives. (Abdul Hamid Siddiqui 2005).

There are about thirty-five verses of the Quran which refer to Mirath or its derivatives in one form or the other e.g Quran says, “And Allah will be the One to inherit everything in the heavens and the earths and to him belong the knowledge of the hidden”. Abdul Hamid Sidd

How to Calculate Inheritance: A Simple Approach

The Islamic law of Inheritance, dealing with the subject of the distribution of inheritance, the principles of which are based on divine knowledge and wisdom, has been made explicit in the Quran and the Hadith. Therefore, ignorance of it is tantamount to gross negligence of divine laws. A Muslim must aim at a proper understanding of these laws in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

Rules Of Inheritance: According To The Islamic Doctrines

This book contains explanation and eamples of the most important and highy controversial issues related to the rues of inheritance in Islam. It contains also highlights on the calculations of inheritance problems to produce a key for the reader to enter a certain problem of inheritance. In order to provide a kind of easy and fast access to the share division of a certain situation

Kitabul Meerath – The Book of Inheritance

Kitabul Meerath is a book that fills this void and presents the law of inheritance of the Quran in a simple and articulate manner. The book answers the questions like ‘what if the will is un-Islamic?,’ ‘How to execute the wasiyyat and can it be revoked?,’

‘The issue of estranged wife,’ ‘the share of granddaughters,’ etc. In times where there are confusions regarding the law of inheritance of Islam, this book serves as a good source to get the law clear.

Death and Inheritance (The Islamic Way)

This book is an English translation of Ahkam-I-Mayyit, and is a necessary hand book for Muslims explaining rules pertaining to the deceased. this book is the English translation of Ahkam-I-Mayyit of Dr. Abdul Hai Arifi, a world renowned highly respected spiritual master in this part of the world.

Read then write your Will

This book Explaining  about the importance of having an Islamic will. Author Hisham Ibn Fahmi Ibn Moussa AlAref, through textual proofs of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, explained what a will is and how important it is in Islam.

Islam highly encourages, if not obligates, writing a will as soon as possible, since one does not know when Allah will take the Muslim’s soul back to Him. 

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