The Alchemy of Happiness


The Alchemy of Happiness was written by Al-Ghazzali – a Persian theologian and philosopher. The influence of Al-Ghazzali upon both the Christian and Islamic thinkers of the Middle Ages and beyond is being more and more widely documented. Known as The Proof of Islam, Ghazzali finally won acceptance for Sufism in Islam, and his methods of argument and analysis powerfully impressed the scholars of the West, who imitated him extensively. Above all, Ghazzali was a Sufi, The Alchemy of Happiness is his own abridgement, designed for the ordinary reader, of his colossal master-work, The Revival of Religious Sciences. NOTE: This edition by Azafran Books was published in November 2016 and has been re-edited and formatted by a team of dedicated real people – not an algorithm! This edition is NOT from a scanned copy with original errors. PLEASE regard all reviews prior to our publication date as referring to other editions, which may have typographical errors. Our books have been carefully re-published to the highest of standards.

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