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Children’s Faith Questions


This book calls upon Muslim parents to teach the faith to their children in a time of globalization and unlimited access—through technology—to all that is confusingly contradictory to the Islamic faith.

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Raising our children, taking good care of them, and tending to their spiritual and physical needs is an obligation upon Muslim parents. We must protect them from corruption and educate them in following the instructions of Allah swt.

Parents are held accountable for this specific duty. Allah says:
“O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire (Hell), whose fuel is people and stones.”

The Prophet Muhamad ﷺ says:
“All of you are responsible. And all of you will be questioned by what you have assigned.”

If we raise our children to be good Muslims, Allah will reward us for our efforts. If otherwise, we will face retribution. Whatever children learn early in life, for better or worse, will stay with them and develops throughout their lives.

The book provides parents with the most crucial faith-related information they need to teach their children and ways to respond to questions children might ask about faith.


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