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Learning Arabic For Foreigners (5 Books, CD ROM & Audio CDs)


This is an important tool for learning the Arabic language for foreigners. It includes vocabulary, conversation, and grammar and it helps the learner to acquire the Arabic language as fast as possible.

Each of these levels include a book, a CD ROM and and an audio CD:

Level 1: For Biginners
Level 2: Adjectives
Level 3: Conversation
Level 4: Grammar
Level 5: Advanced+Proverbs


  • Teaching through simplified ways
  • Exercises to understand these lessons
  • Different levels: from the easiest to the hardest level
  • Text variation to guarantee the expected benefitThis series is important not only for because it is written in both Arabic and English languages, but also due the transliteration that helps in pronouncing the Arabic language through the English letters.
Size, Format: 6″x 9″ Hardcover

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