Al-Mantiq Al-Jilani


An introduction to classical logic which basically points to the practice of defending the tenets of Islam through rational argument.

It is possibly one of the first books translated into the English language for the benefit of the Students in the Darse-Nizami Alimiyyah Course.

Mantiq has been a major part of classical syllabi for Islamic scholars for centuries. Aiming to equip students with a skillset and methodology to ensure logical and consistent thought-processes and analysis.

Unfortunately this science has been given ever less attention in today’s world.

This work is part of a series of primers being written and published by the team at Sadr al-Ulama Academy – is a concise and beneficial work for the student as they begin their journey in the Islamic sciences. Written in easy-to-understand English, it enables the student to engage with the concepts and commit them to memory.