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Matn Ar-Risala


About the Author:

Ibn Abi Zayd Al Kirawani is Abu Muhammad Abd Allah b Abi Zayd ‘Abd Ar-Rahman . He was from the tribe of Naffzawa and lived and studied in Kayrawan. He was the Imam of the Malikis in his time and their model. He had a comprehensive grasp of the school of Malik and explained his statements. He had extensive knowledge and a prodigious memory and transmission. His books are ample testimony of that. His writing was fluent, clarifying and defining what he said. He defended the school of Malik and established evidence in its support.Abu Muhammad ibn Abi Zayd died in 386 Hijri.

The people of Andalusia who followed him include Abu Bakr ibn Mawhab al-Maqburi, Abu ‘Abdullah ibn al-Hadhdha’ and Abu Marwan al-Qanazi’i. The people of Ceuta include Abu ‘Abdu’r-Rahman ibn al-‘Ajuz, Abu Muhammad ibn Ghalib, and Khalaf ibn Nasr. The people of the Maghrib include Abu ‘Ali ibn Amdakatu as-Sijilmasi.


About The Book

The English in this translation is not excellent however it has the full Arabic Text (with Vowels). It therefore recommended for Teachers /Students with an Understanding of the Arabic language as well as students studying under a qualified teacher .

Forty Five Short Chapters Covering Belief, Salah, Sawm, Zakat, Hajj, Umra, Jihad, Marriage, Divorce, Business transactions, Wills, other transactions, Ahkam Hudud, Fitra, Food & Drink, Salutations, cure and many other subjects.


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