A Message Exclusively to the Husbands


A Message Exclusively to the Husbands by Shaykh Abu Furayhaan Jamal Ibn Furayhaan al-Haarithi

The husband seeks from his wife that she should be an ideal wife: affectionate, kind, receptive, obedient to his command, attractive, enticing, charming and other than that. However, on the other hand some husbands dishonor their wives and neglect the obligatory rights that have been placed upon them.

WEIGHT 160.0 g
DIMENSIONS 21 x 15 x 0.8 cm
AUTHOR(S) Shaikh Jamal Ibn Furayhan Al-Harithi
COVER TYPE Papercover
PUBLISHER(S) Hikmah Publications
TRANSLATOR(S) Anwar Wright, Isa Underdue

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