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The Third Opinion: How Successful Leaders Use Outside Insight to Create Superior Results


No matter where you stand on the corporate ladder, being a leader in today’s business world is a tough, sometimes even isolating experience. Of course, there are many people you can turn to for advice. First, youíll certainly get an opinion from your closest co-workers. You may then turn to colleagues (inside or outside the company) for a second opinion. But there is another opinion–the third opinion–that most people never ask for, and it is the most important one of all.

In The Third Opinion, Saj-nicole Joni explains how everyone from CEOs and senior executives to department heads and managers can create a loyal and diverse inner circle of advisers, experts, mentors, confidants, and thinking partners, all eager to offer their unvarnished insight at a momentís notice.

What can your inner circle offer that other networks can’t? Outside insight–the most trustworthy, loyal, unbiased perspective that exists. You can’t create the undivided loyalty of outside insight solely within the confines of your organization, and it cannot be bought. Rather, it’s a result of developing powerful reciprocal relationships. The Third Opinion is the first book to examine how anyone can develop this vital but often overlooked key to reaching and sustaining peak performance.

Based on Dr. Joniís years of research and her work as a well-respected third-opinion adviser to some of the worldís top executives, The Third Opinion is a practical guide to building the most powerful advisory team possible at each stage of your career. It will teach you how to assemble a select group of experts who will sit with you and think about the issues affecting you; who will offer solutions and alternatives, suggest ideas, look for errors, and offer support, not just during crises but anytime you need advice. Filled with compelling real-life examples, THE THIRD OPINION shows how his inner circle will provide the kind of guidance, input, trust, and feedback that can turn a good leader into a great one.

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  • papercover: 220 pages
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1591840091
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