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70 Tips Towards Mutual Love and Respect (From An Islamic Perspective) By Aamir Shammaakh


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Today there is loss of love among people and likewise, the sense of good manners owed to one another has become abysmally lost.  Whoever examines the state of our society today would be taken aback by the amazing level to which this matter has degenerated, which without a doubt is the opposite of how things use to be in the past when members of a muslim community would readily assist and cooperate with one another.
The statue quo is different today!  Communities have turned to warring factions devoid of mutual love.
This book in hand will serve as a reminder of the essentials of the religion (of Islam) which legislates mutual love amongst the muslims.  They are gems sourced from the book of Allah, The Mighty, The Sunnah of his messenger (PBUH), the biographies of the venerable companions and those who followed them (in goodness); regarding how to love people, and at the same time, earn their love.  This will, Insha’Allah, will bring benefit to all – individuals and society alike – so it will guarantee stability of the hearts and decency of the souls.  This is so because love softens people’s souls and glad tidings, mutual pardon and forgiveness amongst them.

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