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Why Tarbiyah Books Plus?

Product Spotlight

Harvard Business Review on Building Better Teams (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series) Paperback


Most teams underperform. Yours can beat the odds. If you need the best practices and ideas for superior team building–but don’t have time to find them–this book is for you. Here are 10 inspiring and useful perspectives, all in one place. This collection of HBR articles will help you:- Boost team performance through mutual accountability- Motivate large, diverse groups to tackle complex projects- Increase groups’ emotional intelligence- Reverse the fortunes of a struggling team- Prevent decision deadlock- Extract results from a bunch of touchy superstars- Fight constructively with top-management colleagues- Ensure productivity in far-flung teams

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HBR Guide to Project Management – by Harvard Business Review


The “HBR Guide to Project Management” will help you: (1) Build a strong, focused team, (2) Break major objectives into manageable tasks, (3) Create a schedule that keeps all the moving parts under control, (4) Monitor progress toward your goals, (5) Manage stakeholders’ expectations, and (6) Wrap up your project and gauge its success.

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Women of Desire: A Guide to Passionate Love and Sexual Compatibility (Paperback) – by Habeeb Akande


Sexually empowered women have long existed in Islam but their stories are often untold. Female sex experts and pleasure-positive Muslim women were often cited in erotic Arabic literature dating back to the ninth century. According to early African and Arab writers, feminine women have greater desire and pleasure than men.

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Release from the Shackles of Desires (Paperback) – by Ibn Qayyim


Mankind is granted innate desires as a means of trial and sound intellect to help guide and regulate his desires. Allah also provided man divine guidance to fortify his intellect in this great task of controlling his desires which assures him tremendous blessings and favours he will gain if he places his desires under control and dominance.

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Tawbah: Turning To Allah in Repentance – by Ibn Qayyim


Tawbah: Turning to Allah in Repentance by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah deals with the spiritual side of tawbah without neglecting the physical requirement and conditions.

It is taken from the book Madarij Al-Salikin Bayn Manazil Iyyaka Na’budu Wa Iyyak Nasta’in (The Stages of the Travellers Between the Stations of Only You We Worship and Only You, We Seek Help From), which is one of Ibn Qayyim’s best works. Supported with extracts from the Qur’an and quotes from the Messenger of Allah (SAW) the author deals with apparent and deeper aspects of repentance, and the true essence of repentance and its conditions.

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Juz By Juz Stories Workbook


A brand new series and brand new workbook. Packed with even more fun activities and brand new interactive elements, we’d love for you to get your hands on a copy to experience it.

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Names Of Allah Workbook


This has been made available as a physical workbook due to popular demand.

Featuring a section for your children to colour in a badge for every lesson that they complete! Each badge features encouraging words for them to see and help motivate them to keep going for all 30 lessons. If you need to check up on any of the answers, flip through to the back page for a full list of answers for each lesson. Shhhhh, don’t tell the kids!

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Tafseer as-Sa’di (Vol 1-10) – by Shaykh as-Sa‘di


Tafseer as-Sa‘di (Arabic title Tayseer al-Kareem ar-Rahmaan fi Tafseer Kalaam al-Mannaan) is a contemporary commentary on the Qur’an that is well known in the Arab world. Drawing on the classical heritage of Qur’anic exegesis, Shaykh as-Sa‘di focuses on highlighting the meanings of verses in a concise yet eloquent and clear style that is accessible to both the well-versed scholar and the ordinary reader. His style is to mention what he thinks is the correct interpretation, without referring to other views, except in cases where there is also strong evidence to support the other view. Both the scholar and the one just starting out their journey of Tafseer are sure to benefit from this tremendous work, Insha Allah!

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